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Securing asset integrity with Omnisens

Using fiber optic-based sensing Omnisens offers continuous, reliable monitoring for energy industry assets. A range of solutions is available for early detection and location of events which may threaten the integrity of the asset. These techniques provide condition monitoring, asset optimization and intrusion detection, based on small changes in temperature, strain and vibration. Monitoring techniques include Brillouin-based Distributed Temperature and Strain Sensing (DTSS), which Omnisens pioneered, Raman Distributed Temperature Sensing(DTS), Distributed Acoustic/Vibration Sensing (DAS/DVS) and Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBG).

Based in Switzerland Omnisens operates throughout the world, either directly or through specialized solution providers, via dedicated application, commissioning and customer service teams. A leader in long-distance fiber optic sensing, Omnisens has pioneered effective real-time asset integrity monitoring solutions for critical oil and gas, power and civil engineering infrastructures.

Health, Safety, Quality and Environment

HSQE training is given to all employees. Field service engineers follow OPITO (Offshore Petroleum Industry Training Organization) accredited courses:

BOSIET - Basic Offshore Safety Induction & Emergency Training
MIST - Minimum Industry Safety Training Standard

The following HSQE documents are available on request:
  • Quality Management System Manual
  • Omnisens Environmental Policy
  • Omnisens Health and Safety Policy

  • ISO9001 certification

    ISO9001 certification  
    Omnisens is ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 certified        

    Omnisens mission

    We provide fiber optic-based monitoring solutions for oil and gas as well as electricity transport, helping customers optimize asset performance and secure asset integrity.

    Omnisens vision

    We are recognized by the key actors of the industries we operate in as the leading expert and most trusted partner for the reliability and performance of our dedicated asset integrity monitoring solutions and for the quality of our services.

    Measurement definitions

    Omnisens uses SEAFOM-MSP-01 Measurement Specification for Distributed Temperature Sensing (Download the document here).