Board of Directors

(From left to right: top):

Marc Degrauwe, Chairman of the Board

  • Pre- and post- M&A activities for VC's, buyers and Government authorities.
  • Andrei Bals, Director and co-Founder Omnisens SA

  • Vice President Sales and Business Development at Picarro Inc

  • (From left to right: bottom):

    Christian Waldvogel, Director

  • Partner at Vinci Capital
  • Greg Watson, Director

  • Founder Partnership Capital
  • Director RTL Materials and Optitune Previously Partner Monitor Company, also at Morgan Grenfell and NWM
  • Christian B. Cléret

  • Oil and Gas consultant
  • Previously Chief Executive Officer positions at Hestya, European Energy Assets, European Petroleum Holdings, Petrokazakhstan Ltd, ELF Oil UK Ltd